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Dear Los Angeles,
Let's make your home sweet home.
Our cleaning experts deliver the highest quality of clean you can always count, let us help you with all of your cleaning and disinfecting responsibilities now.
Delivering the highest standards of clean and guarantee to treat your home and office.
Get Maids!
Delivering Highest Standards Of Clean & Guarantee to You
Our cleaning experts deliver the highest quality of clean you can always count, let us help you with all of your cleaning and disinfecting responsibilities now.
Delivering the highest standards of clean and guarantee to treat your home and office.
The Most Reliable Name in Cleaning Business
Trusted Cleaning Professionals For The Highest Quality Clean You Can Always Count On!

We work closely with clients in finding the most cost-effective solutions while still providing a level of service that will provide a clean, healthy environment.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
No-Contract Cleanings
Customized Cleaning Plans
Bonded and Insured
Natural Cleaning Products
Women Owned
Get Maids!
Customer Rating
Get Maids!
We strive to be the most affordable cleaning service in Los Angeles!
Our housekeepers will always arrive with your customized cleaning plan in hand to help.
Cleaning Plans For Your Needs
Affordable, Reliable Cleaners at the Click of a Button!
We have a custom cleaning service designed to help you clean when you need it, whether we clean one time or on regular, your house will always sparkle clean when we leave it.
With recurring service you will never have to worry about the unexpected and your home will be clean and ready, recurring service will get your home tidy so you enjoy your time.
We offer flexible move in and move out cleaning services to ease the transition into your new space, whether you need the entire house cleaned or just certain items on it.
While residential service may seem like a luxury, when you think about the advantages, you may realize cleaning services are a great investment return on your investment.
If you've ever tackled cleaning your home's windows, you know how time consuming it can be and how physically demanding it is from digging out ladders and equipment.
Dirt and other particles that are left too long work their way into fibers break down your carpet's fibers. Once they embedded, they can be almost impossible to remove.
Customized Cleaning Plans
Quality Leader Among Cleaning Companies In The Industry!
For Homes
Residential Offers

Residential house cleaning services always focus on cleaning for health, our extensive industry experience give us a leg up.

Window sills & ledges
Hard surface floors
Remove cobwebs
Empty trash
$150 /Mon
For Business
Commercial Offers

Commercial cleaning services will help you protect your customers and employees.

Office Buildings
Manufacturing Facilities
Educational Facilities
Medical Facilities
$250 /Mon
For a cleaning that meets your highest standards, you need a dedicated team of trained specialists. We arrive at each visit with all supplies needed to thoroughly clean your home with our extensive Cleaning Process.  Contact Us For More Information
See How It Works!
Easy Steps For A Clean And Healthy Environment
Having a new cleaner requires a lot of trust, we know the feeling. Just provide us the timing you want and we will set our schedule according to your need.
We love quick cleans and large projects - size really doesn't matter! To ensure best service, cleaners will create a cleaning plan for the most efficient service.
The fastest time it took to book a service was 3 minutes! Feel free to call or text our customer service number with any questions pre/post booking.
Depending on your project, our cleaners are usually in and out within a few hours! After the cleaning is complete, we will send you a follow up to ensure you are happy with your service at Get Maids.
Don't just take our word for it, ask any of our top clients about our exceptional service!
Take Back Your Time and Leave Your Cleaning to the Experts.

Hiring someone to clean your space can feel like a big decision as you want to hire the best cleaning service you can. We are available via text, call, Facebook messenger, and e-mail to answer all your questions!

Get Maids!
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